Port Dickson

Feast on seafood and relax on the stunning beaches of Port Dickson, just 90 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur.

Port Dickson is a town on Malaysia’s west coast, south of Kuala Lumpur. Beaches dot the coastline running south toward Tanjung Tuan, a wildlife reserve and birdwatching spot with a 16th-century lighthouse. East of the reserve is Fort Kempas, with a 14th- or 15th-century sacred Islamic tomb and several megaliths. Lukut Museum, northeast of Port Dickson, has exhibits about the area’s history from the early 1800s.

Army Museum Port Dickson

The Army Museum, known locally as Muzium Tentera Darat, is located next to a military base off the main road at 5th mile, about 7km away from Port Dickson town in Sirusa district. A property of the Malaysian Royal Armed Forces, the museum traces its exploits and achievements through history, trumped up with dramatised aspects and romantic story-telling. In addition to the museum buildings, the spacious grounds also house decommissioned military vehicles, including planes, tanks and artillery guns, and a memorial fountain dedicated to soldiers who served through Malaysia's war history. Open daily from morning till evening, entry is free for all visitors.

Alive 3d Art Galllery

Alive 3D Alive Art Gallery in Port Dickson Dataran Segar in Malaysia features exhibits - 50 paintings and optical illusion. Unique to its gallery there. It's fulfill your visual effect, let you live in an imaging world. There have 50 pieces of 3D draw art within 5 themes which are Adventure, Aquarium, Animation, Exotic and Dart Art. You can touch, hug and interact with the art pieces, blending in with the scenery through (trick) of the eyes.

Wan Loong Temple

Located approximately 8.3 kilometres away from Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson, Wan Loong Temple is a Chinese temple with opulent architecture and imposing fortress walls. Visitors driving to Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson will not be able to miss Wan Loong Chinese Temple as it is clearly visible on the left side of the main road if they are coming south towards Malacca from PD Town. With its striking entrance, the name ‘Wan Loong’ means ‘Dragon of the Clouds’. Just like the name itself, Wan Loong Temple was constructed in the imposing shape of a giant dragon. Wan Loong Temple pays homage to several oriental deities including Kuan Yin (goddess of mercy) and the Monkey King. Wan Loong Temple, Port Dickson is probably the only temple in Malaysia that pay homage to the Monkey King or the Monkey god. The Monkey King, popularly known as Sun Wukong is a mythological figure who features in a body of legends which can be traced back to the period of the Song dynasty.

Pusat Ikan Hiasan

Pusat Ikan Hiasan, or Ornamental Fish Center, is an aquarium and marine conservation facility at Teluk Kemang managed by Malaysia Fisheries Department. Open to public daily from 10am till 4pm, the center showcases a huge collection of popular marine fish, corals and other sea creatures in the aquarium trade. The center also raises and displays sea turtles from hatchlings to adulthood. Admission is free. The centre is located at the northern end of Port Dickson’s Teluk Kemang beach and sea water from the bay is pumped into the centre’s storage tanks for cleaning and treatment before being used in their aquariums. The fish tanks are spotlessly clean meaning that visitors can obtain a clear view of the various fish, coral and marine creatures on display here.

Pd Maze

PD Maze is a new hedge maze situated in Dataran Segar, Port Dickson. Recently opened to the public on 31 August, this maze garden can be one of the places to visit the next time you're having a vacation in Port Dickson. You can discover many beautiful sculptures and artwork while exploring the labyrinth From 'disappearing' illusion sculptures to perspective art, there are tons of Instagrammable spots at this maze garden. There's even a trippy house illusion installation that looks different from every angle. This maze garden is also perfect for those who are looking for a place to do group activities with family, workmates, or friends. It's up to your creativity to come up with an activity to make the maze exploration more fun.

Pd Ostrige Show Farm

PD Ostrich Show Farm is the only ostrich show farm in Port Dickson. We have ostriches which visitors can hug, feed and take selfies with! Despite its name, it has other farm and pet animals. The farm boasts many fruit trees: durian, rambutan, ciku, starfruit & others. Also in the farm are Herbal Oasis, Ant Planet, and Dinosaur Safari @ EmbunBunga, which has dinosaur & animal sculptures, a Carnivorous Plant Garden, an Orchid Conservatory, a Cactus Garden & a nursery. EmbunBunga is scheduled to be fully open by mid October. It is popular with visitors to PD as well as for experiential educational trips by schools, team building, family day, camping and even weddings and drama & movie shoots! Activities not included in the admission fees include ostrich rides (kids below 40kg only), horse & horse carriage rides, ATV rides, and archery. We have a cafe serving a wide variety of food, including ostrich satay, burger and steak as well as other cafe fare such as noodles & rice. Come visit!

Blue Lagoon Beach

‘Blue Lagoon Beach’ is one amongst the secreted beach in east Bali Island and referred to as a submerged paradise, the water is heat and therefore the aquatic life is plenteous. The beach lies simply northeast of the most beach of ‘Padangbai’ and is encircled by lush green and rocky hills on each side. Here you’ll be able to decide a sunbathing spot right the sand or, if you like, select an area within the shade because the entire fringe of the beach is lined with palm trees. You’ll conjointly encounter natively run ‘warung’ food stalls merchandising cold drinks and snacks, whereas some others additionally double as rental places wherever you’ll be able to get your snorkels and fins. You’ll notice coral simply a couple of meters from the shore, creating it simple to snorkel out promptly. This hidden paradise is found on another aspect of the Padang Bai harbor and giving the wonder of a hidden paradise for those that are trying to find a fairy tale and hidden beach with its blue water and white sand.